Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How-To Make Almond Meal (quick and easy!)

This is what I use for breading chicken, making cakes, cookies, muffins, and even a yogurt topping!  I first bought some almond flour years ago and, when I saw how expensive it was I decided to make this "almond meal" instead.  I might not be able to grind it up as finely as the flour but it's okay, my pocket-book thanks me and, in turn, I can use a lot more of it! 

All you need is:

raw almonds
a food processor or high speed blender (you can try a regular blender but you might need to do smaller batches)

All you do is:

Process the almonds in batches of reasonable size.  I probably processed about 2 cups at-a-time in both my food processor and Vitamix blender.  Process until the pieces are as small as possible.  You want it to be as "flour" like as possible, not bigger pieces, yet be sure to stop before you get almond butter (especially with the high-speed blenders)!

In my food processor it doesn't really clump up.  But, in my blender it does start to do that (it was going to make butter if I didn't stop).  So, you can use a fork to loosen those clumps up if you need to.  I dumped all batches in a bowl.

Then, transferred to glass storage jars.  It doesn't have to be glass but, be sure to store in an airtight container in your fridge or freezer to have on hand for whenever you need it.

Just a couple ways to use it:


This real super delicious recipe for chicken nuggets.  I was super surprised the first time I made these just how fantastic they are.  The almond meal locks in the moisture while holding on to all the yummy flavors you mix with it!  The photos I have for that one don't do it justice... try it yourself and see what you think!


A REAL decadent treat, try this Super-Naughty tasting cake that isn't so naughty after all.  

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  1. Thanks! I have a big bag of almonds and wanted to make the muffin in a cup with almond flour.


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