Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lime Papaya with Mint (and how-to prepare papaya)

"Cheers!" to wellness and PAPAYA!  I've been giving away "New Year's Good Luck Papayas" to friends and family as they begin to ripen on the tree.  Full of natural healthful enzymes, fresh papaya is also so refreshing and delicious!  It was only somewhat recently that I found out it's not uncommon to squeeze lemon on the papaya.  While papaya is wonderful without anything added, the lime really compliments the flavor.  For extra pizzaz, I added some finely chopped mint.


Fresh papaya
lime wedges
mint sprigs


Allow papaya to ripen on the kitchen counter.  I eat mine when they look something like the ones in this photo.  They may have just a tinge of green left in some area(s).  I'd call this "medium ripe."  It really depends on your preference.  One thing I like about not letting the papaya ripen too much is that it can get quite mushy.  The less ripe, the more firm it will be.  Yet, allowing it to ripen "just enough" allows for the flavor to liven up.

First, wash papaya.  Then, cut off the very top just below the stem.

Using a veggie peeler, peel the skin off the papaya (BEFORE cutting in half).  Rinse briefly.

Now, cut papaya in half length-wise.  Isn't it so beautiful: the color and seeds?

Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds.  You may either throw them away or save to grow more papaya plants!

Cut wedges of lime.  Depending upon how much papaya you have prepared, I use approximately one wedge per small bowl of papaya.  Finely chop sprigs of mint.

Slice papaya into strips, then cut those strips into smaller, bite-sized pieces.  Place in a bowl, then squeeze lime over it and sprinkle mint to complete this refreshing snack, dessert, or side-dish.  Enjoy!!

Stay tuned for a blog post about growing your own papaya plants!

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  1. Oh my goodness that looks so yummy. I can't wait to read on how to grow my own papaya plant.

  2. I was just at the store tonight buying a papaya (I really want more papaya and can't wait for more to ripen;) and was thinking about how I've used seeds from papayas just like that one to grow most of my plants. The papaya plant post will be coming. Sporadic computer problems have been slowing me down lately. Might be time to grow a new computer soon (and sprinkle on the miracle grow)! :)

  3. Oh! And, the mint is home-grown, too. Herbs are the EASIEST edible I have grown. You can even grow it in your kitchen window (or any window with good direct sun).


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