Monday, July 9, 2012

Colorful Summer Salad Slaw

Whether you like eating the slaw alone or on a salad or other meal topper, this fast and easy prep will cure your crave for crunch for several days.  There is endless versatility with what veggies you use and what is used to flavor it with.  I would plan to make a batch that will last no more than about 3-4 days, as it's best to eat fresh.   For this batch I used:

- 1 head red cabbage
- 1 small/medium onion
- several fresh beets
- approximately 1 lb. carrots
- fresh herbs from garden or use dry herbs
- pinch of salt
- cayenne pepper
- juice of one lemon
- olive oil (or other) added before eating, optional

- First, wash cabbage, peel onion, beets and carrots.  If needed, chop veggies to a size that will allow them to fit through the food processor with a shredding attachment.  I use a Cuisinart processor.  If you do not have a food processor, shredding by hand will also work, but it will require more patience.

Shred all veggies.  Add herbs of your choice.  I used what fresh ones I have growing now: holy basil, rosemary and mint.  Wash, pull off leaves and finely chop.  Alternatively, add dry herbs.  Add to shredded veggie mix.  Add salt, pepper, and lemon, then thoroughly mix ingredients using a large spoon.

Before eating, add olive oil (or other oil of choice: avocado, hemp, flax, etc...).  It is great alone.  I love to add it to to a salad:

Or, even more, along with other things to complete the salad (here, I've added avocado and quinoa...):

Store rest of slaw in airtight containers in fridge.  Variations for this recipe are endless... have fun, experiment and... ENJOY!

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